Collaboration #1: Maus' Doodles

Meet the Artist: Maus 2

Meet the Artist: Maus 1

Meet the Artist: Maus 3

Maus' Doodles

Meet the Artist: Maurice Dimaranan a.k.a. "Maus"

This is my little brother Maus. He was nice enough to lend his artistic hand to a little art project I was working on. He drew a series of original doodles and drawings for me using paper and crayons. I then compiled his works and selected my favorite bits and pieces from each piece, which were then transfered onto canvas using various colored threads and a sewing needle. Every scribble was rendered in the same contour and color as the original, with minor alterations. I was very pleased with the product! :) I think it's a sort of new spin on framing kids' art. Maus' imagination is just fantastic! His sketches are truly one of a kind. Simple, innocent, and whimsical.

Maus' Doodles

for BriE
He calls me "Brie", which is my family nickname.

I Love You!!!


Maus Monster
Purple Monsters Rule.

Maus Aliens

Maus Flowers

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