Projector Project Of The Day



I'm developing quite the love affair with my projector. The imaging effects that it creates surpass anything I could ever imagine rendering on photoshop. My days have been filled with experimental dream-like photo shoots with my wonderful friends. Let me introduce them further. 



This is Anthony, or as I prefer to call him, Antonio. He is my friend from high school, current roommate, and personal DJ and chef ;) Just kidding, sort of. He is the master of blowing O's and also goes by the name of DJ Mizu.


Meet Alexander the Great, aka Alec. You probably recognize him as my other roommate. We are the Ma and Pa of our place. I'm pretty much his housewife :) He tells me interesting and enlightening facts about the world on a day to day basis. He's basically a walking wiki, and I love it!


Here's Marina! She is a new friend who lives down the street from me. She's an awesome model with great hair and style! I hope to do more shoots with her in the future. 


If anyone in IV is looking for a DJ, you should definitely check out DJ Mizu. Not only are we working on some sick effects for his set, but he can mix like no other. Here's a sneak peak of some fantasies we made into reality, all thanks to our trusty projector. 


Self Projection

Along with the absolutely essential toaster oven, the projector is my apartment's finest apparatus. We use it to watch weeds on netflix, drift away through the itunes visualizer, view movies theatre-style, and of course, execute photo shoots with infinite possibilities.

With the apartment all to myself one monday afternoon, I decided to play around with this double photo effect that the projector creates. Thank goodness for tripods and self-timers. Though it did take lots of scurrying back and forth, but I'd say the product was much worth the effort. I haven't done a photo shoot with myself in ages, probably dating back to myspace/livejournal days :p I'm so glad to be getting back into the swing of things!

To view the rest of the shoot, check out my flickr!

Oh, one more thing. I told Anthony I'd credit him for letting me borrow his fantastic hat and tank that I turned into a dress :) So, thanks Antonio!

Self Projection

Self Projection

Self Projection

Self Projection
Self Projection

Self Projection

Self Projection


Mystic Mountains & Golden Domes

The tale of how I woke up to what seemed like a glowing gold sun draped over a structure of geometric shapes, surrounded by beautiful people with feathers in their hair offering me herbal tea as I attempted to absorb to morning light I forgot existed only a few hours earlier, is a magical one to say the least. I cannot adequately verbalize this whimsical trip to the mountains, so photos will have to suffice. Special thanks to my babygirl Felisha for capturing the day-lit festivities. 

To give a brief recap, the trek to the Santa Barbara mountains began late into the night, very much nearing morning. Off-roading, hitching rides in the back of a truck, and sharing "the ultimate chill spot" with generous earthy Argentineans on arrival were among the events that unfolded in the thick of the night. The mountain air was brisk, but shiver down my spine was very much worth it, as stars shown brighter than I had ever seen them before. I could feel the music, which pounded on from dusk til dawn, in my bones and couldn't help but dance the night away. The people I met were absolutely wonderful, everyone with their own marvelous style and story, taking pleasure in the wonders of nature as a collective people. It was a life-changing experience. One that I hope to take part in again in the near future.



A scrap of paper
Thin as vapor
Filling my clothes like smoke
A couple of wires in my heart are broke

This weekend was all sorts of mystical. Every second of every day brought a new reason for me to question my reality and truly appreciate the funny coincidences and strange occurrences that make life absolutely unreal and fantastic, to the point that its almost unbelievable. 

It all started with a Bonita Applebum afternoon. That is, the name of my hookah. I received this as a gift last year for my dorm's secret santa and honestly only used it once... until Friday. I'm not a huge fan of tobacco and didn't smoke it for that purpose. Instead, I became drawn to the hookah because of my appreciation of smoke itself. The gentle wisps and delicate O's (which I am quickly on my way to mastering... obligatory follow up photos later) are very much an art form. I felt like a shaman. 


Photo Adventure

Los Angeles Fashion District

Maurice's First Day of School

Walnut Model Homes

Isla Vista Summertime & the Living is Easy

I had an absolute plethora of random photos from the past month or so! I've been lugging around my camera everywhere lately, but it's definitely been worth it. I love being able to document the adventures I go on with beautiful friends and family as we frolic around town. :)