Hangman's Tree

As the rest of the gang basked in the sun upon the edge of Skull Rock,
the duo of mischievous Lost Boys popped out from a gap in the bushy shrubs.
"Eureka! Take a look-see at what we found! A super secret hideaway! Shhh... don't tell a soul!"
the pair exclaimed in unison.

What the kids discovered, beyond the thick of sticks and leaves, was quite the hidden treasure. The curious crew crept through the sort of portal into a new world, which shed a single strip of light leading into the shady sun-shielded sanctuary. 

The pair led their fellow explorers into what was known as Hangman's Tree, a retreat they soon claimed as their own.

Sun or Shade
Oh, how ecstatic Peter was to have a place to clamber up the side of an old trees and have imaginary duels with his makeshift sword. His soul was as bright as the sun and as cool as the shade.

Soon enough, they all found themselves scurrying up the trunks of weeping willows. Perched upon a sturdy branch like two little birds, Smee and Tiger Lily blessed the land with sacred feathers from the Indian tribe, as they sang sweet songs of melodies pure and true.
"Sayin', this is my message to you-ou-ou..."

"...Singing, don't worry about a thing..."

"...'Cause every little thing gonna be alright."

After a good amount of merrymaking underneath the shade of Hangman's Tree, the girls decided it was time to venture off to find a playground of their own while the boys continued their rowdy ruckus beneath the trees.
"Now, where are you off to?" asked the contemplative Lost Boy.
"To find a place suitable for some girl talk. After all, this is Hangman's tree." replied Tiger Lily.

With that, the Lost Girls journeyed off to explore the other wonders Neverland had to offer.


Skull Rock

Skull RockSkull Rock
Continuing on their adventure through Neverland, the Lost Kids made their way to Skull Rock. Posting out on the edge of the rock, the spirited bunch frolicked and played all day.

Skull Rock
With not a care in the world or a worry to dampen their spirits, the Lost Kids reveled in their collective bliss. 
It was a celebration of eternal youth. 

Skull Rock
Tinkerbell delicately scattered her festive fairy dust 'til almost every surface of Skull Rock gleamed and glittered in the sun.

Skull Rock

Fairies sure know how to spread the magic...

Captain Hook & Smee
Captain Hook and Smee felt right at home. It was, of course, Skull Rock.

Peter & the Pirates
In the past, Peter and the Pirates would partake in a swashbuckling battle or two upon this very rock.
But certainly, it was all in good fun.

Skull Rock
Good fun and great friends, indeed, is all you need.


Mermaid Lagoon

Silly Kids
On the journey to Neverland, the Lost Kids shared a chuckle or two as they discussed the silliest of things.

Captain Hook
Captain Hook, on a mission to find her trusty side-kick Smee, took off with a mischievous grin.

Off to Mermaid Lagoon
"We're following the leader, the leader, the leader.
We're following the leader, wherever she may go."

Captain HookTiger Lily
Alas, they reached Mermaid Lagoon.

I Can Fly!
"Hurray! Welcome to Neverland!" Peter exclaimed and jumped for joy.

What a marvelous find. Enthralled by their newfound sanctuary, 
the Lost Kids peered out across the vast sea...

Mermaid Lagoon
...examined the finer details of this natural world...

Tiger Lily & Tinkerbell
...and relaxed in the warmth of the dazzling sunshine.

Peter Pan

Is that Smee?
In the midst of their frolic, the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell spotted a little figure scampering off in the distance. "Is that Smee?" they all cried in a spirited inquiry.

Indeed... "It's me, Smee!"

Reunited, and it feels so good.
Now, with the added company of their friendly little pirate pal, Smee, the crew of playful misfits was complete!
Reunited, and it feels so good.


The Lost Kids

Tiger Lily
This tale begins on a little patch of grass in the middle of the woods where Tiger Lily lay, daydreaming about an adventure. What sort of adventure you ask? Oh, one of wondrous sorts, of marvelous discoveries and magical thrills. In the midst of her reverie, she was struck with inspiration. Why not turn this fantasy into a reality? With this thought, she scurried off to find the Lost Kids.

The Lost Kids
Ignited by wanderlust, Tiger Lily gathered up the Lost Kids from each and every corner of the woods. The merry bunch agreed they were in need of an adventure! But the question was, where to go? 
"I know of a place. It's a secret place. A place where you can explore the farthest reaches of you mind. A place where you can be young and free forever," explained Peter Pan, "A place called Neverland."

All you need is a little fairy dust.
"How do we get to Neverland?" inquired Tiger Lily. 
"Oh, I know!" chimed in Tinkerbell, "All you need is a little fairy dust."
The lighthearted fairy pulled out her shiny turquoise pouch and began to sprinkle fairy dust all around.

All you need is a little fairy dust.
The Lost Kids marveled at the specs of glittery dust that flittered in the air and fell to their feet.

Hello. Let's go. We're off.
Delighted in the spirit of exploration, Tiger Lily gave a tribal yelp, signaling the start of their journey.
And with that, the Lost Kids went... off the Neverland!

Following the leader, the leader, the leader.
With a zest for adventure and a sudden sense of direction, Tiger Lily led the way.
"Following the leader, the leader, the leader..."

We're following the leader wherever she may go.
"We're following the leader, wherever she may go."


Sneak Peek: Greetings From Neverland

Greetings From Neverland

11/11/10, Something happened to a bunch of lost kids. 
It's a story some of you may be familiar with.
Let me attempt to recount this adventure.
Here we go, off to Neverland...


See Sasha Play

I've been such a busy bee! My apologies for yet another blog lag. Let me reassure you, I've been working on a lot of new things for my blog! :D Notice, the first of many bigger and better things... my new layout! This will make for larger photos and easier viewing. In other news, I'm turning over a new leaf. Hopefully after this intensive quarter, I'll be making more time for avid blogging. Next quarter, I'll only have a few early classes Monday-Thursday...& free Fridays! Which can only mean one thing... photo shoots and craft seshes on the daily! I cannot wait :)

So among the many folders of unblogged photos waiting to be edited&posted sitting on my desktop, I wandered across a new member of the family that I realized I haven't introduced you all to... Sasha Grey the corn snake, aka Sasha the cornstar~ ;) We picked her up about a month or two ago and she is absolutely the sexiest little serpent. She has a little leopard print crown, surrounded by a precious heart shaped patch, atop her head. Quite the diva.

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey