Sun, Moon, & Crane

My dad has become quite the yoga master. He can contort and balance in poses I can barely comprehend. These particular poses are variations on bakasana, or crane. He gave me a book on Hatha Yoga--Hatha meaning sun (ha) and moon (tha)--which is a form of yoga focusing on flexibility of the body. I've really been meaning to make meditating and doing yoga more of habitual thing. In the fall, when the weather was much warmer, I'd make an effort to do either nearly every day. I'd usually go to the beach or one of the seaside parks in Isla Vista just before sunset, one of the most serene places & times of day. If I had the ability to do so, I'd wake at sunrise, as I'm sure that it's just as beautiful. Sadly, the determination to do so is something I sorely lack. If only I was a morning person...





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