I Miss My Maus!

Two nights ago, I received a text message that read "Hi brie I miss you! It's me Maurice". Yup, my 5 year old baby bro texted me. Part of me resents the fact that my such a young kid would have the ability to text, by way of his iPod touch. The other part of me thinks... hey, at least he uses it for reasonable purposes... for the most part. He bumps MJ, The Beatles, ABBA, and Lady Gaga. He knows what's up. He uses it to text me cute little messages like the one I mentioned. He uses it to master all the games... he's even better than me. He won't let me forget that he has a higher score in Fruit Ninja than me. Hah, silly boy. I miss him!

"Maus" & "Brie"

I doodled a little illustration for him the night before I moved out. He loves comic books, especially the Incredible Hulk. So, I made a comic of our own :) He calls me "Brie"... that is, Gabrielle. Being a hardcore transformer fan, he decided that my heroic name would be Bumble Brie. I think it has a nice ring to it. 

Aw, he's growing up so fast *teardrop* Cute snapshot of his first day of Kindergarten!

Maus Doodle

To return the favor, my little artistic apprentice drew this for me and had my dad scan/send it to me. It's precious beyond words. I love his fantastic imaginative illustrations.

The following videos make me miss him exponentially more D: ...but, they are just so great to watch. My brother is an absolute joy and such a character. He dances, sings, and even demonstrates his aptitude for geography. These are in chronological order for the most part. His progressive talent is quite astonishing :)

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