Projector Project Of The Day



I'm developing quite the love affair with my projector. The imaging effects that it creates surpass anything I could ever imagine rendering on photoshop. My days have been filled with experimental dream-like photo shoots with my wonderful friends. Let me introduce them further. 



This is Anthony, or as I prefer to call him, Antonio. He is my friend from high school, current roommate, and personal DJ and chef ;) Just kidding, sort of. He is the master of blowing O's and also goes by the name of DJ Mizu.


Meet Alexander the Great, aka Alec. You probably recognize him as my other roommate. We are the Ma and Pa of our place. I'm pretty much his housewife :) He tells me interesting and enlightening facts about the world on a day to day basis. He's basically a walking wiki, and I love it!


Here's Marina! She is a new friend who lives down the street from me. She's an awesome model with great hair and style! I hope to do more shoots with her in the future. 


If anyone in IV is looking for a DJ, you should definitely check out DJ Mizu. Not only are we working on some sick effects for his set, but he can mix like no other. Here's a sneak peak of some fantasies we made into reality, all thanks to our trusty projector.