I Heart Devendra Banhart

Photos by Ara !

So there I am, standing in line to grab an iced coffee at Syrup in Los Angeles, and suddenly a striking mustache catches my eye (more than the usual 'stache, mind you).  Now this is a sight to behold. Utter disbelief soon follows, as my eyes beeline from a luscious horizon of hair to a set of distinct red stripes on each arm... do my senses deceive me? The only confirmation comes in the form of a much hoped for head turn in response to my nervous beckon... "DEVENDRA...?" The angels have smiled upon me. Devendra Banhart in the flesh.

Hangman's Tree
Little Yellow Spider

You best believe I nearly fainted to the floor right then and there. Devendra is a truly marvelous musician. His music sends wisps of smokey sunshine into my soul. He galvanizes the inner flower-picking nature-loving gypsy within me. I can distinctly remember the spirit of his music, particularly the song Little Yellow Spider & pretty much the entire Rejoicing in the Hands album, following me around during my magical trip to Neverland. Devendra's effervescent song Owl Eyes was even the inspiration for my Halloween costume last year, and subsequent recycled Coachella costume. I mean, this is the very man who made me wish I could grow a beard. Needless to say, Devendra has a special place in my heart.

Owl Eyes

Coach-owl-la Eyes

I <3 Devendra Banhart
BOYZ 2 MEN. Priceless.

I <3 Devendra Banhart

Photo of / by Ara !

Infinite thumbs up to you Devendra! One honestly down to earth fellow right here. It's just a shame I chose this particular outing to be lazy and leave my camera in the car. It would've been an absolute dream come true to have captured the immaculate muse that is Devendra Banhart with my very own lens. But sharing a few delightful words and a friendly embrace, which left me smiling for days, was even more than I could ask for. May all music, coffee, and mustache lovers be brought together as they did on this faithful day. Ain't the universe grand?


  1. Where the FUCK are some new posts? I need to know more about your fabulous life!

  2. Haha I know, I know... I suck :/ My camera has been broken for a while, but I promise I'll try to start posting once I get my shit together. PS my life's not that fabulous~ :)