Synesthesia / Orange

Synesthesia / Orange

At times, the stimulation of one sense triggers the subsequent arousal of another sense... This is known as synesthesia. It's a psychological phenomenon, a sort of dominos game of the mind. To me, the most striking example of synesthesia is music's mystical ability to evoke color through sound. I'll admit, I have a slight case of OCD... Obsessive Color Disorder. I'm extremely color-driven. Some songs scream such a vivid hue as they flow into the vessels of my senses. Mood can be attached to color as well, and lately I've been feeling a bright burning orange. So excuse my psych major babble and check out my Synesthesia / Orange playlist:

1. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 2 / The Flaming Lips
2. Wandering Star / Portishead
3. Vanished / Crystal Castles
4. $tunt$ / Flying Lotus
5. Teardrop / Massive Attack
6. Swoon / The Chemical Brothers
7. Strangers / Portishead
8. Sexy Boy / Air
9. Quest / Nosaj Thing
10. Positif / Mr. Oizo
11. Peacebone / Animal Collective
12. Motivation / Clams Casino
13. Massage Situation / Flying Lotus
14. I'm Official / Clams Casino
15. Glory Box / Portishead
16. Glitter Freeze / Gorillaz
17. Fireworks / Animal Collective
18. Courtship Dating / Crystal Castles
19. Ballade of a Paralyzed Citizen
      (Medicine Remix) / The Faint


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