Balls To The Wall

In hopes to spread the word and get the ball rollin', the wonderful members of Lip Bomb and myself engaged in a variety of balltastic tactics to market our spoken word show, Wizard Of Balls! If you're a student at UCSB and are familiar with the between-classes traffic-jammed highway known as The Arbor, then you've probably been approached by a few zealous on-campus enthusiasts handing out flyers for all sorts of things one time or another. And I'm sure you have at some point been one of many eye-contact-avoiding earbud-wearing fast-walkers that stroll through the courtyard strategically weaving through handouts like a game of collegiate dodgeball. Despite these well-known avoidance strategies, we gave theatrically-obnoxious tabling a shot! I mean, why not go balls-out?

Mel the Shy Scarecrow & Alex aka Alfonse aka Oz aka The Wizard

Molly aka Dorothy doing her thang.

In light of our lovely Lion, Roxi's absence, I took on the roll of the meowing Tinman. 
Probably added a lot more confusion than effectiveness with that particular idea. 
You win some, you lose some... balls.

Apparently Wizards meow too... or maybe that's more of a growl.

We got lucky with basically the cutest scarecrow that ever existed. How could a bird possibly fear this little lady?

I may be lacking in the heart-department, but this Tinman has sure got some dancing feet!

Sass for days...

At this point, you can probably infer that we're quite the ball-enthusiasts. So much so, we decided to spell it out for the whole world to see... okay maybe not quite the whole blue & green ball we call earth, but you know what I mean. Another prime spot for UCSB guerrilla marketing is good ol' Pardall Tunnel. It's basically the first thing anyone sees as they leave Isla Vista and enter UCSB's campus on foot, bike, or skateboard. To ensure that we caught the eye of even the hurriest of lecture-goers, we displayed on the tunnel's outer wall the key word of the week... BALLS! But I probably don't have to tell you twice. Special thanks to Roxi the Lion for helping me with this balls to the wall endeavor this morning! 


Oh & some butterfly lovemaking for good measure ;)

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