Mystic Mountains & Golden Domes

The tale of how I woke up to what seemed like a glowing gold sun draped over a structure of geometric shapes, surrounded by beautiful people with feathers in their hair offering me herbal tea as I attempted to absorb to morning light I forgot existed only a few hours earlier, is a magical one to say the least. I cannot adequately verbalize this whimsical trip to the mountains, so photos will have to suffice. Special thanks to my babygirl Felisha for capturing the day-lit festivities. 

To give a brief recap, the trek to the Santa Barbara mountains began late into the night, very much nearing morning. Off-roading, hitching rides in the back of a truck, and sharing "the ultimate chill spot" with generous earthy Argentineans on arrival were among the events that unfolded in the thick of the night. The mountain air was brisk, but shiver down my spine was very much worth it, as stars shown brighter than I had ever seen them before. I could feel the music, which pounded on from dusk til dawn, in my bones and couldn't help but dance the night away. The people I met were absolutely wonderful, everyone with their own marvelous style and story, taking pleasure in the wonders of nature as a collective people. It was a life-changing experience. One that I hope to take part in again in the near future.


  1. Thank you for enjoying our party :)

  2. Stop posting public blogs about an underground community. You are posting public information for something that is illegal, and could potentially hurt the scene.