Skull Rock

Skull RockSkull Rock
Continuing on their adventure through Neverland, the Lost Kids made their way to Skull Rock. Posting out on the edge of the rock, the spirited bunch frolicked and played all day.

Skull Rock
With not a care in the world or a worry to dampen their spirits, the Lost Kids reveled in their collective bliss. 
It was a celebration of eternal youth. 

Skull Rock
Tinkerbell delicately scattered her festive fairy dust 'til almost every surface of Skull Rock gleamed and glittered in the sun.

Skull Rock

Fairies sure know how to spread the magic...

Captain Hook & Smee
Captain Hook and Smee felt right at home. It was, of course, Skull Rock.

Peter & the Pirates
In the past, Peter and the Pirates would partake in a swashbuckling battle or two upon this very rock.
But certainly, it was all in good fun.

Skull Rock
Good fun and great friends, indeed, is all you need.

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