The Lost Kids

Tiger Lily
This tale begins on a little patch of grass in the middle of the woods where Tiger Lily lay, daydreaming about an adventure. What sort of adventure you ask? Oh, one of wondrous sorts, of marvelous discoveries and magical thrills. In the midst of her reverie, she was struck with inspiration. Why not turn this fantasy into a reality? With this thought, she scurried off to find the Lost Kids.

The Lost Kids
Ignited by wanderlust, Tiger Lily gathered up the Lost Kids from each and every corner of the woods. The merry bunch agreed they were in need of an adventure! But the question was, where to go? 
"I know of a place. It's a secret place. A place where you can explore the farthest reaches of you mind. A place where you can be young and free forever," explained Peter Pan, "A place called Neverland."

All you need is a little fairy dust.
"How do we get to Neverland?" inquired Tiger Lily. 
"Oh, I know!" chimed in Tinkerbell, "All you need is a little fairy dust."
The lighthearted fairy pulled out her shiny turquoise pouch and began to sprinkle fairy dust all around.

All you need is a little fairy dust.
The Lost Kids marveled at the specs of glittery dust that flittered in the air and fell to their feet.

Hello. Let's go. We're off.
Delighted in the spirit of exploration, Tiger Lily gave a tribal yelp, signaling the start of their journey.
And with that, the Lost Kids went... off the Neverland!

Following the leader, the leader, the leader.
With a zest for adventure and a sudden sense of direction, Tiger Lily led the way.
"Following the leader, the leader, the leader..."

We're following the leader wherever she may go.
"We're following the leader, wherever she may go."

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