I Love Color

I love the colors of this season! I mean, hey, I love black as much as the next emo kid, but I never understood anyone who solely confines themselves to a shade that represents the absence of color. Personally, I find that I can only function in rainbows. All my notes in school match the color of my dividers, my books are decked in neon stickies galore, and my apartment looks like a clown ate too many lucky charms & exploded all over the walls. I don't even think I own a black pen. (No, just kidding, that's not true... Alec gave me an amazing black ink pen he ordered from Germany that writes in a nice thick bold manner that makes me feel like I'm speaking German every time I use it :p) Oh, and Anthony's band is called Rainbow in Technicolor. Love it! P.S. Photos from his show Saturday night coming soon! ...Needless to say, I love color :)


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