Big things are coming your way followers! BTW, thanks to all of you new followers and all those sweet comments you've been leaving. I super appreciate it and hope you guys are enjoying my recent work. :) Now that the Neverland series has come to an end, which I had a fantastic time working on, I'm excited to be introducing some new projects I've been working on! Hope you are all as stoked as I am! >^.^<

A new addition to the iDGAB collection of goodies: iDGABtv! I recently got an internship at SHORTFORM.COM and decided to use it as motivation to explore a field of art I've always been interested in... film! For the meantime, my channel consists of some little videos my parents took of my little brother, who I absolutely adore and consider to be quite the child prodigy :) If you are as addicted to cute as I am, check it out!


Once I've honed my own video editing skills and whatnot, I'll be posting some films of my own. I've got quite a few ideas under my belt, so I'm hoping I'll be able to produce some work that will live up to my imaginative expectations! I'm quite the film amateur but I'm sure it'll be a fun project, despite the ambitious nature of it all. Wish me luck in my endeavors! After all, this blog is for all of you to enjoy <3

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  1. First photo is so great! :D You rocks!
    Amazing :D